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Possible to Exit the Return Center Get in touch! Contact us to remove the deportation order and leave the removal center! Do not miss the time limit for appealing the deportation decision! Get in touch! Contact us for effective application ways and methods! Get in touch! You are not desperate against Deport! Many immigrants can be deported because they do not know the right seeking methods. Please ask us for help!



Annulment of the Deportation Decision

The deport decision made against you becomes final in a short time. Before this decision is finalized, the Court must be challenged before the deadline. In the appeal evaluation process, the deport process is stopped.


Exit the Postback Center

In order to be released from the Return Center, it is necessary to apply to the Court after the notification of the administrative detention decision. The court's release order is final and must be enforced.


International Protection Application

It is necessary to apply to the authorized institutions for the international protection decision. For this, it is determined whether protection is required by conducting various examinations and interviews. You can find the necessary conditions for international protection in the relevant sections of our page.


Appeal to Deport Period

From Turkey about 1 year 3 years you may have been deported for a period of 5 years. Depending on the reason for the deportation, these time limits can be removed. Contact us If you can not enter Turkey because of the time Deporte. Let's examine your situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

The deportation decision is made by the Provincial or District Directorate of Migration Management.

With the deport decision; To your own country, the country will make the switch to transit, while entering Turkey as transit country or another third country may be expelled.

The 48-hour period begins at the moment of delivery, when all documents are prepared and delivered to the immigration office, so that foreigners can be delivered by the police to the immigration authority. In the event that the immigration is determined to be within the scope of article 54 of the law by the immigration administration, it starts from the presence of the foreigner in the immigration administration.

A deport assessment can be made at the place where the immigration is processed, where the foreigner is caught or determined by law enforcement units, in the provincial or district directorates, in the Return Centers or elsewhere determined by the immigration authority.

The assessment of the deport decision needs to be completed in the city where the immigrant is treated, captured or detected.

It is taken by the governor's office in the city where the foreigner is caught, treated or detected or directly by the general directorate.

The decision to expel should be made separately for each immigrant.

The decision is notified to the foreigner or his legal representative or lawyer whose decision to expel is reasoned. If a foreigner with a deport decision is not represented by a lawyer, he or his legal representative is informed about the outcome of the decision, the procedures and the duration of the appeal.

The foreigner or his representative or lawyer may apply to the administrative court within 15 days of the notification of the decision against the deportation decision.

The Administrative Court decides to appeal to Deport within 15 days.

The court's decision on this matter is final and should be implemented immediately.

In case of application to the court, the deport process is suspended until the decision is made.

Foreigners whose administrative detention decision has been taken are taken to GGM within 48 hours by the police who made the capture.

The retention process in GGM is evaluated by the governor's office every month.

Those who cannot be deemed to be deported within 6 months from the decision of the deportation, the immigrants covered by Article 55, are released from the Return Center with the decision of the court, to eliminate the risk of escape loss, to apply to the voluntary return support of the foreigner.

The maximum stay in the Removal Center is 6 months. In some cases, it can be extended for another 6 months.

In case the decision on detention at GGM is prolonged and comes out as a result of regular evaluation every month, each of them is notified to the foreigner or his lawyer.

The lawyer of the foreigner may apply to the Criminal Court of Peace to leave the removal center.

The Magistrates' Court evaluates the application for exit from the Return Center within 5 days.

The decision of the Criminal Court of Peace to the exit application from the Return Center is final.



They stood by me in a difficult period as a result mistakes I live in Turkey. I felt like in my country.

Thanks for running to my aid while being held at the Postback Center.

While they were going to be fully deported, they saved them by guiding them for necessary transactions.

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